A Reformation Day Sermon

This link is to a Reformation Day sermon given by the president of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, a confessional (as opposed to mainline) Lutheran denomination. After reviewing a little bit of medieval church history that sparked the Reformation, he gets to the heart of  confessional Lutheranism and the Biblical gospel: salvation by grace alone through faith alone on account of Christ alone.

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It is Finished: The Present Power of These Three Words by Ray Cortese

Here is a conference address by a PCA Presbyterian (Reformed) pastor of a large church who once did not get the teaching of Christ’s active obedience, but now gets it. There is the prevailing North American Pop Christianity that limits God to the banker who forgives your debt at great cost, wipes your slate clean and then sends you on your way (without any money). Then there is Reformational (Biblical) Christianity where the banker not only forgives your debt, but also makes you co-owner of the bank! God not only forgives sin, but also positively imputes his perfect righteousness.