Relationship and Religion

It’s sometimes said that Christianity is a relationship and not a religion; however, this really creates a false dichotomy. First, everyone is in a relationship with God. The question is whether it is a good relationship or a bad one. Second, Christianity most certainly is a religion. Scripture even refers to it as such. Lutheran (LCMS) Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller takes up this important misconception on Issues, etc.

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Lord and Savior

Do I have to make Jesus Lord and Savior or is making him Savior enough? How about neither since “we don’t make him anything?!” “We do not make a contract with him; [the Lord and Savior] makes a covenant with us!” It is then that we can respond in thanksgiving. Dr. Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary California carefully dissects this important issue on Office Hours.

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The Divine Service

In this link, a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod pastor makes the case for the historic liturgy and restoring the primary direction of biblical worship. He contrasts this with the direction of much of contemporary pop evangelical worship. While all Reformation minded people might not agree with all of the details in this program, such as having clerical vestments, abdicating the evangelical label or the brief critique of the Reformed, the gist of this program is pure gold. The reality that we come to church first and foremost to receive God’s gracious gifts is one of the most important things contemporary churches need to recover. It’s a little lengthy, so we’ll wait a bit before putting up the next new post so that there is plenty of time to absorb the wonderful riches that are here. Church ought to be where the weary find rest for their souls. It is where one ought leave feeling light, rather than weighed down with heavy burdens.

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Issues etc

Rightly Dividing the Word: Law and Gospel

How do we read and understand the Bible? The Reformers recognized that God speaks to us in his word with two types of words: law and gospel. Understanding how to properly divide the word is so key to understanding the Scripture. The White Horse Inn takes up this subject before a live audience. Click here to listen.

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