Not Just Broken

“Broken” has become the new buzzword in evangelical Christianity to describe the human condition. We are all broken in some sense or another; however, Scripture reveals that the problem of our fallen humanity goes so much deeper than that. The notion that we are “sinners” or “dead in sin” in light of God’s holiness does not come naturally to us. It’s sort of like someone going to the beach on a hot sunny day and not yet realizing they have a severe photosensitivity which requires they be covered. Similarly, in our fallen condition, God’s holiness is far too hot for us to handle. His unveiled goodness becomes white hot to us. The idea that we merely need to be fixed is very misleading. We are always prone to treat the wound of our fallen state too lightly. Among other things (like new life!), we need the righteous covering which Christ, as our mediator, graciously provides to sinners. Tune into Issues, etc. as they recently took up this important topic here.