“Whether it is described as recovering treasures of gold, removing the clouds to reveal the clearest and bluest of skies, replacing fast food with delectable and healthy cuisine or coming out of the valley to behold the most amazing alpine splendor, rediscovering the glorious biblical truths that were recovered during the Reformation is extraordinarily liberating and invigorating.”

The biblical teachings of the Protestant Reformation five hundred years ago freed Christians from many of the same forms of bondage that, ironically, have now reappeared in much of contemporary evangelical Christianity. Many evangelicals now find themselves trapped on performance based treadmills, enslaved by neurotic introspection, and often just burning out and walking away from the church. Whether it’s being fixated on “my performance” (legalism) or “my inner experience” (mysticism) or another exhausting entanglement, there is, thankfully, a way out.

Protestant evangelical churches again need to rediscover the liberating treasures of biblical Christianity that were recovered in the Protestant Reformation. This book encourages burned-out evangelicals to take another look — from a Reformation perspective — and begin basking in the Good News and all of its vast riches. Through a series of thought-provoking essays, this book also introduces other skeptics to an undiluted and robust Christianity.

From the book and back cover, Reformation Riches  for the Contemporary Church: Liberation for Both Skeptics and Burned-Out Evangelicals by David Bruins. Take a look inside here

This website of the author exists to provide additional Reformational resources with a blog archive, a list of helpful links, and some sample liturgies for contemporary churches.