A Misunderstood Parable

The parable of the sheep and the goats is one of most commonly misunderstood parables of Jesus. While now and then you might find some accurate commentary on different aspects of this parable, I happened to run across an article which really puts it all together very, very nicely all in one place.
Bottom line: the “for you’s of doing this or not doing that” are not really about your volunteering to feed the homeless, as good and inevitable as that may be for God’s children, nor your lack thereof. Rather they can be paraphrased, “for you accepted my messengers, for you accepted my message, for you accepted me” (and this we know from other Scripture, this not of yourselves, but it is a gift of God). And to the goats, “for you rejected these things.”
Wonderfully consistent with the rest of Scripture, you can find the article here and then scroll down to page 501 for “So What Does Separate the Sheep from the Goats?”